You won’t find a better deal on a rental instrument. Period.

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Lucky for you - you found us. : )


You won’t find a better deal on a rental instrument. Period. Lucky for you – you found us. : )

Currently, every instrument we rent is brand-spanking new. This means that not only are you getting a quality instrument, you’re getting an instrument that hasn’t been passed between 30 other kids over the last 20 years.

We believe in paying things off as quickly as possible. We believe in 15-yr mortgages. We also believe in 10-month rentals and then you OWN it. We’re not going to keep you on the hook for three years to pay off your flute.

For those that are super cash-flow conscious, we do offer a 20-month payoff option – at a price that you simply will not beat.

We spent nearly ten years as a Music and Arts affiliate. We know those guys inside and out. During that same time, we competed head-to-head with Milano’s. As a result, we know their deal thoroughly as well. We also spent time as a NEMC affiliate. We intentionally designed our program to beat the pants off of the programs that they offer. We want kids to have a decent instrument at a great price. We’re not interested in robbing innocent parents who know nothing about rental instruments.

We offer two options – it’s that simple.

10-month payoff – starting at $29.50/month

20-month payoff – starting at $15/month