Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

1. Rental fees are due in advance. Renter is responsible for monthly payments whether or not they have received a bill. Rhythm Rox (RR) is not responsible for errors in billing or those made by the postal service. Renter is bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement with or without signature. Renter must notify RR of any change of address or phone number. Renters must not remove rented instrument from Arizona.

2. Insurance coverage includes all parts and repairs necessary along with any accidental damage or theft of the rental instrument. Finish flaws, which do not affect the playability of the rental instrument, need not be repaired and are not the customer’s liability. Repair service must be performed by RR repair technicians or RR authorized service centers. If the instrument cannot be repaired in a timely fashion, RR will exchange the rental instrument with one of equal quality. This is providing that all rental fees are paid current within 10 days.

3. In case of loss or theft, renter must report the incident within 72 hours to law enforcement authorities. A copy of the report must be provided to RR by renter. Police report must include type, brand and serial number of stolen rental instrument with RR listed as owner. RR will issue an exchange of the rental instrument with one of equal quality as determined by RR. Note: “Loss” does not include mysterious disappearance from band room, bus or otherwise.

4. Renter may return the instrument at any time to RR and this agreement will terminate providing the account is current. Renter will be fully responsible for the instrument and its return to RR (or its agent). Upon return, all rental fees paid will be considered as rental. The instrument may not be returned to the school without prior authorization from RR and will not be considered returned until physically received by RR.

5. Provided all rent paid is current, renter will accrue credit towards ownership of the instrument after the specified rental period: either 10 months or 20 months. Early payoff is available with a 10% discount off the total rental amount for the period of the contract.

This credit toward a Qualified Purchase does not give the Renter an ownership interest in the instrument rented, but rather is a separate contractual right granted by RR, and must be exercised strictly according to the terms of this Agreement. In the event of default by Renter in fulfilling the terms of this Agreement, this right automatically terminates. The rental instrument listed on reverse side is not for sale or pawn and will always remain the property of RR even in the event of renter’s bankruptcy.

6. Payments over 30 days past due, RR reserves the right to charge the payments and any late charges to the renter’s credit card given at the time of rental, or any subsequent or updated credit card. A 10% charge will be added to any balance owed at the time of return.

7. Payments 60 days past due will be considered in default of this agreement. The rental instrument must be returned immediately. All rental fees and late charges will be due at that time. If payment is not made, Renter must make arrangements with RR to pay account in full.

8. If the rental instrument is not returned to RR and no effort is made by renter to communicate with RR in reference to the rental property and/or delinquent rental fees due, RR shall have the right to take possession of RR rental property with or without any legal process or notice. Any collection, ($60.00 “repossession fee”) and/or attorney’s fees incurred by RR in repossession of RR rental property will be at the renter’s expense.

First month’s rental fee is NOT refundable.